Why choose online เกมยิงปลา


In online เกมยิงปลา, you will see fish hiding under moss or rocks. According to the game rules, when you defeat a fish, the number of rewards you receive will increase from 20% to -30% of the original bonus. The prize is so attractive that many players try to shoot bullets to catch that fish. However, they forgot that those fish were challenging to detect and had a very low hit rate. The stubborn firing for the period only makes you spend bullets, but if you can shoot, it is unlikely to have got back capital.




Due to the way of editing machines, there are fish that will immediately die from the table. Therefore, you figure out and notice the fish just out of the table to shoot directly. If you know how to calculate the probability of hitting the fish in this direction, getting the coin becomes easy, you need to sit down and add more bullets at the corners of the table and wait for the fish to shoot and earn cash. 


 When you have a large sum of money, you should not waste time เกมยิงปลาฟรีเครดิตถอนได้ like they were first, but instead aim for big fish like mermaids, sharks, etc. It would be best to use large bullets, usually No. 7 shots, to quickly knock down large fish. Each big fish is knocked out, and you will get 100 - 200 times more than the amount of money your bullets have shot. No matter what number of shots the fish dies in, you will still be profitable. If you are quick, you can increase the ammunition in many other ways and collect coins as much as possible. 




One of the mistakes that newbies often make while playing online เกมยิงปลา is to be ambitious and aim at the big fish to get lots of coins and ignore the small fish. It's a game that can't be won; if you're new, then don't risk it. Because the big fish don't die, you will lose some vast bullets, and the other small fish will not be counted.